Heaven’s Disciples Universe is a shared universe of fictional worlds with high concept stories that are built on the foundation of the world’s greatest superheroes.

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Heaven’s Disciples Universe Prologue

  • In ancient times, on Tierra, or Earth, the Atlantica Continent laid between Africa and South America.
  • During the Great Flood, prehistoric animals migrated to the last bit of land remaining in the Northeastern corner of the continent.
  • The land became the 3 Atlantica Islands– Atlantica, Helion, and Scoria Island, which were used by God’s angels as the home base for their Tierran missions.
  • A plasmic shield, created from angelic technology, hides the islands and keeps travelers from entering.
  • However, during a rare annular solar eclipse, called a ring of fire, the islands become visible and open to all travelers.
  • The main Atlantica Island is host to 13 stellargates.
  • The center jumpgate was used by angels to travel around Planet Tierra.
  • The 12 surrounding cosmic gates were used as Ark gates to save prehistoric animals by relocating them to 12 planets in the Atlantica System, 25 light years north of Planet Tierra.
  • The 12 Atlantican planets were terraformed by these angels.
  • Long abandoned by angels, the Atlantica Islands became home to stranded souls during the eclipses.
  • Beneath the ring of fire eclipses, the 12 stellargates teleport every person, animal, and plant too close to them.
  • Those caught up in the stellargate winds are called “New Arrivals” in the Atlantica System, a world of worlds, where they have to make their new home.