Atlantica Federation Defense Agency (AFDA)

Atlantica Federation Defense Agency (AFDA)

Atlantica Federation Defense Command (AFDC)

The Atlantica Federation Defense Command (AFDC) is the leadership of the Atlantica Federation executive branch’s Defense Agency (AFDA).

The Decagon Command Centers, or Decagons for short, are Atlantica Federation Defense Command (AFDC) centers that house the Federation’s interplanetary military leaders.

Atlantica Federation Spacefleet (AFS)

The Atlantica Federation Spacefleet (AFS) has 4 military branches, along with their corresponding special forces:

  1. Atlantica Federation Space Force (AFSF)
    • Space Force Orcas
    • Space Force Orca Gladiators
  2. Atlantica Federation Air Force (AFAF)
    • Air Force Eagles
    • Air Force Raptors
  3. Atlantica Federation Navy (AFN)
    • Navy Sharks
    • Navy Alligators
  4. Atlantica Federation Army (AFA)
    • Army Gray Wolves
    • Army Black Rhinos

This is the Federation Spacefleet intelligence organization:

  1. Atlantica Federation Spacefleet Intelligence (AFSI)

These are the related Federation Spacefleet forces:

  1. Atlantica Federation Spacefleet Security (AFSS)

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