Atlantica Federation Executive Agencies

Atlantica Federation Executive Agencies

Atlantica Federation High Council

The Atlantica Federation High Council of 12 Elders in the executive branch of government provide council to the Chancellor, with each Elder representing 1 of the 12 Executive Agencies.

The 12 Executive Agencies

  1. Agriculture Agency (AFAA)
  2. Commerce Agency (AFCA)
  3. Culture and Heritage Agency (AFCHA)
  4. Defense Agency (AFDA)
  5. Development and Housing Agency (AFDHA)
  6. Education and Research Agency (AFERA)
  7. Energy Agency (AFEA)
  8. Finance Agency (AFFA)
  9. Health Agency (AFHA)
  10. Resources Agency (AFRA)
    • Environment
    •  Mining
      • Astromining
  11. State Agency (AFSA)
  12. Transportation Agency (AFTA)

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