Atlantic Games (Atlantics)

Atlantic Games (Atlantics)

The Atlantic Games, or Atlantics, are Atlantica Federation interplanetary gaming and sporting events featuring Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter competitions in which thousands of athletes from the 12 Federation worlds participate in a variety of competitions. The Atlantic Games are considered the Federation's foremost sports competitions.

Atlantiad (4 Years of Games)

An Atlantiad is a period of 4 years in Atlantica, beginning with the opening of the Atlantic Games for the Spring Games and Sports, in honor of God. Each season has it's own year of games for a total round of 4 years of seasonal games.

  1. The 1st year is dedicated to the Spring Games and Sports on all Atlantican worlds during each region's Spring hemispheric seasons.
  2. The 2nd year is dedicated to the Summer Games and Sports during each region's Summer hemispheric seasons.
  3. The 3rd year is dedicated to the Fall Games and Sports during each region's Fall hemispheric seasons.
  4. The 4th year is dedicated to the Winter Games and Sports during each region's Winter hemispheric seasons.


Winners are crowned in 5 levels, with crowns for Local, Regional, State, World, and Interplanetary championships, and with first, second, and third places for each level.

The Local, Regional, State, and World competitions are held in their respective worlds. The first place world champions of each event, from all 12 worlds, can continue to compete for First, Second, and Third place in the Interplanetary Championships on Atlantica Prime.

Championship Prizes

The championship prizes are Victory Crowns and Rings.