Drone Hive

Drone Hive

The Drone Hive was created on Planet Cyberia Major by Bluestar Enterprises, with the assistance of the Atlantica Federation.

  • Bluestar created the hive minded artificially intelligent machines in order to mine the planet in various drone hives.
  • The Federation provided Spacefleet security, just outside of the Pacifica Alliance space, in order to stop the Alliance from expanding into the rest of the Pacifica space.

Drone Hive Queen

The Drone Hive is a hive of replicating machine hives. The Drone Hive has a lead queen, named Nemesys, but each new machine hive has it's own queen.

Nemesys is queen above all of the other drone queens and drone hives.

Planet Cyberia Major

The home of the Drone Hive is Planet Cyberia Major.

Drone Hive Rebellion

Anti-Federation extremists, at Northstar Enterprises, secretly stole the first artificially intelligent computer virus from HARP, called Pathogenesys, and used it to give free will to the Drone Hive.

The grand espionage group's aim was to free the drone hives in order to disrupt the Federation's hold on Pacifican space. The unintended consequence was creating the second greatest threat to Mankind; the first being the chimeracyte virus.

The Pacifica Alliance disavowed the espionage group's actions and worked with the Atlantica Federation Spacefleet in order to capture all of the groups members.

Cyberian Hive Relations

The Drone Hive has no relations with the Cyberian Hive, since the latter takes on a neutral stance when it comes to Mankind.

Antagonism from the Drone Hive will eventually lead the Cyberian Hive to join the Machine Collective and Mankind in their efforts against the Drone Hive.

Machine Collective Relations

The Drone Hive has an antagonistic relationship with the Machine Collective, which was created to protect Mankind.

Drone Standards

The metric unit system is the Drone Hive's customary measurement system, as it is the scientific standard.

Drone Hive Spacefleet

Drone Hive Spacefleet