Emeria Rift

Emeria Rift

The Emeria (or Emerian) Rift is a cosmic phenomenon at the Emeria Barycenter where some spacecrafts and space objects disappear. The Emeria Rift is considered by Atlanticans to be a natural cosmic wormhole, as some missing spacecrafts have been sighted or recovered near the Oceana (or Oceanan) Rift at the Oceana Barycenter. The Emeria Rift is a tear through the fabric of space and time.

Emeria Triangle

The Emeria Triangle is an area of space around the Emeria Rift in the shape of a triangular pyramid, or tetrahedron, where spacecraft and space objects are likely to disappear.


Absentia is the time period in which travelers of the Emeria or Oceana Triangles are missing for.


Resurgents are the travelers of the Emeria or Oceana Triangle that return from their absentia, or time period of absence.