Planet Genova

Planet Genova

Planet Genova, or "Fourth Rock," is the 4th planet from Atlantica Sun in the Atlantica System. The planet orbits within Atlantica Federation space. Planet Genova has 5 satellite moons: Albion, Cyclade, Hybernia, Nordea, and Selena.


Planet Genova's primary industries are the business and financial industries. Most of the Atlantica Federation's business, marketing, and financial services originate from Genova.

Planet Genova's main exports are business, marketing, and financial services.

Emeria Minor Moons

Planet Emeria Minor has 5 satellite moons: Albion, Cyclade, Hybernia, Nordea, and Selena.

  1. Albion
    • Albion Moon has an oceanic, or maritime, climate with quite narrow temperature differences between seasons.
    • Albans are the inhabitants of Albion Moon.
  2. Cyclade
    • Cyclade Moon has a dry and mild climate. Cooler temperatures are in higher elevations and mainly do not receive wintry weather.
    • Cyclade Moon has archipelagos around the lunar globe.
    • Cycladians are the inhabitants of Cyclade Moon.
  3. Hybernia
    • Hybernia Moon has a mild but changeable climate that is free of extremes in temperature. Winters have mild temperatures, although summers are cool. Rainfall and cloud cover are abundant.
    • Hybernians are the inhabitants of Hybernia Moon.
  4. Nordea
    • Nordea Moon has a temperate climate with weak winters that have short periods of snow and sub-zero temperatures.
    • Nordeans are the inhabitants of Nordea Moon.
  5. Selene
    • Selene Moon has a very moderate climate with a humid continental climate in the central lunar regions.
    • Selenians are the inhabitants of Selene Moon.